Les Aventuriers is a product of years of informal experience in the Digital Marketing field.

The founder, Jason McFate, is an American man who traveled all the world seeking adventures. He found himself everywhere helping people to improve their business through volunteer work and free advice. His background as a Life Coach allowed him to see different business from the personal perspective, considering the business owners’ lifestyles and how those styles can indeed impact the businesses.

As an avid chess player, Jason McFate is trained to see opportunities and strategies wherever he goes. Due to this reason, when he came back to the United States, he created  Les Aventuriers Media, a company where he can formalize all the work done before and help new American businesses to improve their quality of their services.

Jason McFate holds a Masters in Corp. Communication with specialization in Social Media, giving him academic support to put in practice all his experience and knowledge in the field of Digital Media and strategy.

His specialty is within small businesses, a personal passion for those who start from zero and have no much money to invest in massive marketing campaigns. He provides guidance in terms of targeting new customers, retaining the currents and improve the quality of the services and products in general.

Set an appointment with Jason McFate to know better what Les Aventuriers can do for your business.

Phone: +1 (480) 335 2233

E-mail: jmcfate@outlook.com